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The aim of Catalogue Connection is to make the online shopping experience easier for you. There are more and more shopping options every week and we try and give you the highlights to let you get the best savings!

We specialise in all the top UK catalogues from Argos to Jacamo, Next Directory to Very catalogue. Bringing you the latest on great first order deals and special offers on categories like women's fashion, men's & kid's fashion, homewares, toys and electrical products.

We use the same criteria for each catalogue brand making it easier to make comparisons. We don't just cover the product, we summarise the service and payment terms too. You can also check out thousands of products from most of our catalogues and see price comparisons that will help you choose the cheapest one!

Top 3 current deals at Catalogue Connection

Marisota - Get 20% off your first order!!
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La Redoute - £15 off your first order of £30 or more
                                                               (enter voucher code 4708)

Fashion World - Get 10% off your first order of fashion, footwear and lingerie!!
                                                               (enter voucher code CQHC5)

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Some of the best bargains from our featured catalogues

Save 79% at

Very Price : £11
Price : £52
Saving : £41

Save 75% at

Marisota Price : £20
Price : £80
Saving : £60

Save 74% at
Bon Prix

Bon Prix Price : £13
Price : £50
Saving : £37

For more great discounts go to our catalogue discounts page with hundreds of products with savings up to 80%. There are thousands of great offers available from catalogues like Littlewoods, Bon Prix,, Fashion World, JD Williams, Marisota, Jacamo and Very catalogue.

Don't forget to take advantage of the first order discounts available from most of the top catalogue brands. These discounts vary from 10% up to 40% savings for first time customers and the best ones can be seen by clicking on the A to Z catalogue listings page.

Catalogue Editorial

Simplybe – Shapewear

No need to resort to Botox or surgery to look and feel good in the shapewear of your choice. Gok Wan's sexy and sensual shapewear designs in luxury fabrics with trims and flattering seams, will surely give each and every woman the confidence of the catwalk queens.

....more about Simplybe – Shapewear

The Benefits of Shopping Online at Catalogue Connection

Life is just too short to be shopping, especially when crowded streets, unhelpful sales staff, fitting room queues, inconvenient parking facilities or inclement weather hampers the whole experience.

....more about The Benefits of Shopping Online at Catalogue Connection

Why it pays to shop around

You don't have to be a smart and experienced shopper to realise that shopping around makes sense from a financial perspective. You can look at the same product in five or six different stores, for example, and find that it has a different price in every store.

....more about Why it pays to shop around

Is 3 for 2 becoming the standard for Christmas

One of the most popular shopping innovations in recent times is the 3 for 2 offers. This kind of deal can be offered in shops year round but is particularly associated with pre-Christmas spending.Here, you buy three items but only pay for two of them so you'll usually get the cheapest item free. The real benefit to shoppers is that they can use this kind of deal to buy presents for three people and will effectively get one free.

....more about Is 3 for 2 becoming the standard for Christmas

Next Directory - Make Me the Next Model

The Next Directory 'Make Me The Next Model' competition is part of Next's celebration of 21 years of the Next Directory catalogue.

....more about Next Directory - Make Me the Next Model

Shopping at Additions Direct

I have long avoided shopping at department stores, especially during the holidays. I simply can’t tolerate fighting over limited parking, and I know that I am not getting the best prices when I shop at a physical location. Building costs can be high, and those costs have to be passed along to customers. I do much of my shopping online these days, and Additions Direct has become one of my favorite sites.

....more about Shopping at Additions Direct

Ugg boots - fashion statement or fashion faux pas

Over the last 5 years there has only been one practical boot that everyone has hankered after - the Ugg boots. They are goatskin boots with a sheepskin lining and usually a synthetic sole. They are extremely warm and comfortable, promising to wick moisture away from the body whilst insulating your feet against the elements.

....more about Ugg boots - fashion statement or fashion faux pas

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